We sense a shift in the world

The modern consumer wants more than to just try new food with different flavour combinations.
People are beginning to embrace the fact that there are layers on top of the five basic tastes.

We are talking about sensations.

A snack can be much more than just some sugar. A snack can be a journey, a rite of passage, an experience and a fond memory.
With our “sensational” products we are opening up a door to a new dimension.
A dimension which offers that little extra which the people of today so desperately crave.

From the burning cold to the astringent tingling we are searching. From the soft chewy to the crunchy nimble we are experimenting.
From the tiniest granules to the hugest caramel we are creating. Tirelessly, curiously, happily


Does this make sense?

When in doubt, Go North

  At OVFS/Candeco we are always looking for new experiences and trends. 

                                                              This time, instead of searching far and wide we decided to follow the Swedish expression                                                          “dig where you stand” and created strong products inspired by the Nordic region.

                                                           The harsh Nordic environment has never given fruits and berries in abundance.                                                                                                                       But the ones that grow here usually have more intense flavours than their counterparts in other regions.                                                                                         Compare the European bilberry to the American blueberry, or the arctic raspberry to the regular and you                                            will understand this tendency.

                                                                     With these products, we have done our best to capture the wild grown nature of the                                                       Nordic fauna as well as some other authentic Nordic flavours.

                                                           This theme lies close to our heart and is thus “sprinkled” with some extra love and passion                                                      (though you won’t find it in the specification).

 Nordic_nyhet.PNGExplore Scandinavia- the Candeco way!

In a fairy-tale land of rainbows and sweet dreams

 Lives the most majestic of all creatures.

The famous, fabulous, flamboyant unicorn. It is not a horse, not a rhino, but somewhere in between.

At Candeco, mythical themed goodies have always existed in our collective fantasy.
Therefore it feels more than amazing when the dream finally becomes real.

We are proud to present the “Unicorn” ice-cream by our partner Sia-glass.
This ice-cream is both beautifully coloured and breathtakingly tasteful.
The Ice-cream is creamy, soft and tastes of blueberry, raspberry, raspberry ripple
and our own unique Candeco candy chips.


Together we can make the world more colourful!


Our NPD-department has not been on the lazy side this autumn. Loads of interesting new themes
and products are being worked upon and will be revealed in due time.

 ”Fruity” ”Juicy” ”Exotic””Sourish” ”Fresh” ”Exciting” or ”Simply amazing” are all adjectives that describe
this theme. Tropical is the first out in our growing collection of themes.

 At Candeco/OVF Sweden we dare to use tastes still new to many. A range of fruits from warmer
latitudes are found in this perfectly composed collection. The combination of new exiting tastes and
established beloved ones makes this tropical theme have something in store for just about anyone.


Put your sunglasses on and pack your bag, here comes the tropical train!


Here are the new recruits at the NPD department. Meet Pervin Belul and Nils Åström. 

Pervin has extremely extensive experience and expertise with over 15 years in product development.
Nils is fresh from university and is as hungry for knowledge and innovation as he is for caramel.

The duo complements each other well and will aid Candeco/ OVF Sweden in our strife to create
amazing experiences. We are pleased to have them both aboard.

As if that wasn’t enough, our new lab-scale caramel boiler is finally up and running (as seen on the picture).
This will enable a great development in products as well as an increase of knowledge in the sophisticated
process of making caramel.


If that isn’t sweet then what is?