Sugar Pearls

The pearls are available in a number of different sizes and textures, to ensure that you can find the perfect type for your application. Mini pearls are great for fillings or on top of a chocolate-covered ice cream on a stick. If they are mixed into muffin dough, they melt but produce an exciting result as they distribute evenly and leave small pockets of taste and colour. The larger pearls make an excellent topping for baked goods, ice cream, and more. We also have oven-proof sugar pearls.

Mocha Pearls
Strawberry Crispy Pearls
Chili Mini Pearls
Gold Mini Pearls
Fruit of the Forest Pearls
Salty Liquorice Mini Pearls
Strawberry Cream Pearls
Lemon Crispy Pearls
Decoration Pearls (fat coated)
Tutti Frutti Pearls
Tutti Frutti Large Pearls
Sweet Pearls