Fudge & Soft Chips

Fudge is soft and short in consistency and perfect inside a chocolate tablet or on ice cream. This is the perfect inclusion if you are after exciting flavour boosts in your product! They melt slowly in ice cream but leaves very rich-tasting and colourful traces. The fudge can also be fat or chocolate coated to prevent colour bleeding and to retain its texture better in ice cream. Soft chips look like fudge but have chewier consistency.

Cream Strawberry Fudge
Cherry Fudge
Banoffee Fudge
Citrus Fudge
Cappuccino Fudge
Super Fruity Fudge
Raspberry Liquorice Fudge
Toffee Fudge Large
Rainbow fudge
Salty Liquorice Fudge
Tutti Frutti Soft Chips
Toffee Soft Chips
Raspberry Fudge