Once upon a time...

A happy group of entrepreneurs had a vision to build an ingredient company with a basis of creativity and sound knowledge. With bespoke products, we wanted to increase the value of our customer's new and unique products.

We simply wished to share all of our combined knowledge and act as a sounding board for ideas as well as inspire and mediate trends from other markets. No sooner said than done!

And what a journey we've had...

wmb.jpgWe started with sprinkles for a popular ice cream brand and supplying the entire Nordic kiosk and service trade with all manner of decorations for soft and scoop ice cream. Then retail latched onto exciting products for baked goods and desserts. We shipped containers full of sprinkles deep into Africa.

Candy Shots opened the doors to a whole new world and exciting contacts across the globe. Our London-based partners made an unforgettable advertising campaign together with a renowned brand of vodka. We had concessions at international trade fairs, gained partners in Europe, introduced sprinkles on ice cream in Pakistan. Brand extensions became popular and we created new products on well-known themes with great success. We accepted an offer and were taken over in order to gain broader leeway and got a new mother and started to bake cakes, cookies and muffins. Cinnamon rolls with sprinkles and our oven-proof sugar, and decorated doughnuts in bright colours. Confectionery is very close to our hearts; it is where our roots are and we can embellish any chocolate without problem. Put us to the test!

In 2013 new facilities in Fosie/Malmö was built in which we now operate and in which we hope to continue to make great achievements!